Calm Over Chaos Colouring / Painting Book


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A unique adult colouring book filled with hand-drawn illustrations of modern day reminders - from important social issues, to environmental messages, and of course the vital topic of self care. The major aim of the art colouring book is to help enhance calm and give your mind a little rest amongst all of the chaos that comes with twenty-first century life.

Ethically & Sustainably Printed in the United Kingdom by Ashley House Printing Company, on 100% Recycled Paper.

This painting and colouring book is printed on very high quality, thick 170gsm paper, so absolutely no chance of any bleed through. Suitable for pencils, colouring pens and also paint. If you are unsure which products you can use feel free to drop a message!

Proceeds of every sale will go to varying charities, which all do wonderful work to help causes such as the Planet & Environment, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, the Refugee Crisis, Men’s Mental Health, Human Trafficking Victims, Children in Poverty and of course the U.K.’s wonderful NHS. Please select which cause you would like a percentage of your purchase to go towards in the drop down bar.

Please note, this is an adult colouring book and so there may be some illustrations that some people may not find suitable for children (all illustrations are shown in video).

If you would like to send this art printed book as a gift, please select that option & write what you would like to be put in the gift card in the Personalisation bar. Pages can be removed from book when finished and used as quality prints.

Any questions feel free to get in touch!
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